Circle of Blue

Circle of Blue is above all else about enjoying what you are doing. Whether that be questing, rping, PvPing or just talking in chat. We are here to give you the means in which to enjoy yourself whilst in the realm of Arborea.

  • We are a democracy. Your voice will be heard and every choice we make will be with your input and thoughts rolled into it.
  • We are casual. There will be no demanding of time. No dedicated nights or days where you have to be here. We all have lives, and they come first, no matter what other guilds may think.

We are a twenty (20) and up guild. That means there will be adult chats, there will be swearing, and drinks shall be had.

  1. Be nice: Your character can be fourteen kinds of an asshole, but you have to be polite and respectful. Make sure whomever you meet knows the difference between you and your character.
  2. Greed: Don't do it. Ninja looting or rolling need on everything will get you immediately banned. Even if no one can use an item, roll greed.
  3. Engagements: If you do want to do something with a group, but end up not being able to make it, let them know or an officer. It is just polite.
  4. Disagreements: If you disagree or don't like someone that is fine, but behave like adults. If it is serious contact an Officer.
  5. Be informed: Check either the thread on Ladies of MMOs or the guild message for incoming news or events.
  6. English: As this is a US server I'm going to ask that we all stick to English. If you are Bi-Lingual, fantastic, English in the guild.
  7. Officers: They do a lot for everyone, please understand that it isn't just about you. They will have the final say and they will be respectful and polite while doing it.
  8. Image: Remember that we are a guild, so whatever you do reflects upon us. Please make it good.