Cody Gotchall

Active Volunteer and Student in Corvallis, Oregon

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A longtime Corvallis resident, Cody Gotchall has attended Oregon State University since 2014. He has a passion for technology, science, and mathematics and is currently taking introductory courses in economics. Cody Gotchall is a longtime supporter of the Oregon State baseball team and has been following the Beavers since middle school.

Mr. Gotchall graduated from Crescent Valley High School and developed an interest in robotics during his freshman year. He joined the Crescent Valley robotics team and took part in competitions that required teamwork and precision. Interested in challenging himself mentally, he has a passion for Sudoku and puzzles, and he is also a cribbage enthusiast. He enjoys seeing how things fit together and has a philosophy that “life itself is a puzzle.” Additionally, he enjoys watching dramatic, mystery-filled television programs in his free time, including Person of Interest and Elementary. Cody Gotchall is a particular fan of Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary detective in the BBC series Sherlock.

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    • Oregon State University