Connor Nealer

Currently, I am an assistant researcher involved in adult neurogenesis, dendritic spine alterations, and behavioral alteration during maternal care.

I'm studying towards my undergraduate degree in Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience at The Ohio State University.

I am interested in researching cognitive development in the field of behavioral neuroscience.

Behavioral Neuroscience Major-

Honors Program at OSU

Research assistance Dr. Benedetta Leuner

London Honor's Program Study Abroad 2011

Westlake High School- Graduated High Honors 2011

Professional Affiliations:

Student member Society of Neuroscience

Martial arts instructor/student for 14+years

Shodan Rank- Black Belt Kajukenpo- Karate Do Academy 2009

Affiliate Instructor -Armas Kali- KSK Marital Arts- 2011

Student Way of Harmony and Asian Fighting Styles