Conrad Nolan Klug

Consultant, Activist, and Media Guru in Phoenix, Arizona

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Activist, graphic designer, web developer, music producer and systems consultant; Conrad Nolan Klug believes that at our root as human beings what we all strive for is happiness. Happiness that originates from success defined by each individual, family, or culture. Happiness that originates from meeting accomplishments in business, networking, creativity, and relationships on every level. Happiness that originates from the challenge of balancing out all of the things life throws at you.

Born and raised in the Chicago area in a town called Lockport, IL; Conrad had an interest in technology, entrepreneurship, and creativity at a young age. What began as repairing computers for family friends before beginning high school grew to offering experienced services in web design, graphic design, and IT. Some tech experience worth mentioning ranges from managing several small office's web and marketing network to ensuring the creation, stability and productivity of a network for agents in the office as well as in the field.

Proficient in the art of the conversation; Conrad has acquired consulting, sales, and customer service skills over several years. This skillset ranges from explaining tech to business owners and homeowners beginning at a particularly young age to being a top performer in a variety of sales and customer service environments.

Conrad is also an avid activist and founder of the non-profit organization Stop Gangstalking Awareness Group. Stop Gangstalking is an organization which is dedicated to bringing awareness and education of a horrid and criminal form of sabotage and harassment called Predatory Gangstalking.

Conrad also works with training programs across the United States and has plans to develop and implement stalking and energy weapons training programs based upon his own in-depth experience, across the nation.

A music enthusiast, Conrad is an avid music lover and even writes and produces his own trance music. His self titled album, "Cashy John" is available for free download on soundcloud!

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