Courtney Van Oost

Greeley, Colorado

I am a recent graduate from the Monfort College of Business at the University of Northern Colorado. I am studied Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. Over the past four years, I have really developed an interest in the creative processes involved with marketing. I would love to have a career in Sports Marketing with some sort of Advertising involvement.
I have been swimming for 14 years, and it has carried me all the way through college. I would like to think of that as the biggest accomplishment in my life so far. I also grew up in Chicago, so I have always been the biggest fan of every sport that Chicago has to offer. Since sports have been such an important aspect in my life, it is important to me that I incorporate that into my career. Through swimming, I have learned how important hard work and dedication are in achieving my goals.
I am an avid Chicago Blackhawks fan.

  • Education
    • University of Northern Colorado