Crash MacDuff

Athlete, Art Director, and Photographer in Scotland, United Kingdom

William Eric MacDuff: USA/Scotland Competitive cat 3 Road Cyclist/Track Cyclist, Athlete; Ad Agency Art Director (on sabbatical), Graphic Designer, Photographer. #Conservative #Bikes4Kids #ScottishPride #BlueStarFam #USNfam #RAFfam #USMCfam #GoDawgs #FitFam #ScottishIndependence #NCIS ♘

Thanks for visiting my page. I am usually called "Crash" since that is the nickname given to me at 7 when I first started cycling competitively. In order to earn $ to purchase bicycles & pay my racing fees & licenses, I repaired people's desktops & laptops - usually solving issues around crashed hard drives. My Mom called me Crash but most often she called me "Rick" - a variation of the name Eric - because she was a big Rick Nelson fan growing up.

I have made a name for myself and developed a reputation from cycling to art, broadcasting to journalism. I have passions, various interests & I get things done. You won't find me on Wikipedia because I shy away from fame. Once you have fame, you lose all you hold dear. Plus, Wikipedia is user-driven & flawed like IMdB.

I am a proud American a short generation of my family to be born in the USA. I have had dual UK/US citizenship since age 12 and have lived in Europe for 15 years, near where my Dad's side of the family is from & has lived since the 8th century. There is no place like calling Scotland home & a proud Scot I am. We killed the tyrant MacBeth!

My Grandad served in the RAF during WWII, Dad was USN during later part of Vietnam & 4 sisters, all retired USMC officers. As for me I serve as a reserve officer in logistics in the RSDF, recently attaining the rank of Captain. Combined, my sisters have 9 children. My nieces & nephews are my greatest joy as I have no children of my own. I am the ultimate uncle.

I have many friends but a few I keep close, and always happy to meet new people, go to new places, new experiences while trekking to my familiar haunts in the world.

Top 100 world cyclist, inventor of "Bolt Alert" in 2015 which alerts cyclists of the possibility and presence of lightning in the area. Patent pending, available commercially in 2017. All proceeds to benefit cycling and children's charities.

Former major market radio news director, former nuclear health physicist, Kick-ass tennis player, amateur astronomer, master gardener, master designer, a fair chef, landscape photographer, historian, blogger, journalist.

  • Education
    • University of Georgia
    • Columbia University
    • Ecole Du Louvre