Cristi Badea

Entrepreneur in his mid 20s, who is passionate about everything related to business, online gaming and sports. Has been working in the online gaming industry for over 5 years and he is a huge fan of Agile development methods and the Lean Startup movement. Worked in the past with companies like Digital Chocolate, Playdom, eRepublik, Plinga, BigPoint and Atari. Also published games as an indie game developer and he's now the founder of MavenHut games, a young social gaming startup, that raised over $700k in funding and is a StartupBootcamp alumni. Solitaire Arena is MavenHut's flagship title.

He doesn't necessarily consider himself to be Jesus, but apparently he seems to have a charismatic authority around several characters from different video games. This is mainly because he considers that nine women can deliver a baby in one month.