Cylithria Dubois

Bay City Michigan United States

I am Cylithria. I'm a Ghostwriter by trade now, but over the years I've held many a various title or position in life. Let's not make this a bad, personal add for my skill sets, shall we? Honestly, I am Cylithria. Just me, no more, no less!

I have crazy Ideas!

Incredibily, I do what I love!.

I do not know how to be defeated, although I've often failed. I am unable to quit, because I see each new moment as a beginning, whereas quitting comes at an end. I don't believe in taking steps in this world. I make my steps because I believe what we make, stays with us forever.

I'm just me, no more - no less!

  • Work
    • Ghostwriter
  • Education
    • PhD Art History