Cyndee Gress

New Jersey

Cyndee Gress

New Jersey

Cyndee began her Mary Kay career in August 1990 and won her Grand Am within five months.

She debuted as a Sales Director within 11 months of signing her agreement.

She has earned the use of 10 pink Cadillacs since then.

She is married to Tom and is the mom of Tommy who is 11 years old.

Cyndee completed the National Court of Sales 5 times and the National Court of Recruiting 9 consecutive times.

In 1996 Cyndee was the Queen of Recruiting in the Ruby Seminar. She has earned 51 gold, 8 silver and 32 bronze medals and has personally recruited over 500 business partners over her career.

Cyndee has led her unit to the Circle of Achievement 6 times and the prestigious Circle of Excellence 6 times...winning, during those years, over $98,000 worth of jewelry.

In 2003 Cyndee's unit broke the company record by being the first #1 Unit from New Jersey, celebrating the $1,150,000 Unit Club and ranking the #4 Unit in the entire Nation.

Mary Kay has provided all-expenses paid vacations to: Hawaii (5 times), Switzerland (twice), Vienna (twice), Bermuda, Argentina, Alaska, Prague, Scotland, Copenhagen, Sweden, Russia, England, Ireland & Italy.

The year her unit reached the Million-Dollar Unit Club, Cyndee & Tom won the trip to Cannes, France, where they were treated like Mary Kay royalty and then sent to Rome, Italy, where they resided in a 3,000-square-foot suite overlooking the city..... a suite in which a Saudi Arabian princess requests to stay whenever she is in Rome. She now travels worldwide with her sister Nationals every year, most recently to the Greek Islands & Turkey!

Her highest commission check in one month has been $39,000!

Over her Mary Kay career, Cyndee has earned over 2 million dollars in commissions. She represents a Diamond Circle National Area and for Seminar 2012, ranked #7 in the entire Ruby Seminar! In the Ruby Seminar, amongst all Nationals who have no offspring Nationals, the Gress National Area ranked #1 in Ruby Seminar 2012!