The Son of a Legend, David Ruffin Jr, understands the expectations that have been placed upon him, but hopefully once his voice is heard, it might become more pleasantly obvious, that he does his best to continue the RUFFIN Soul! As the son of the late singer David Ruffin, the legendary former lead singer of the Temptations, there will always be comparisons to his father. But DRJ is leaving his own trail of History!

Among many others, David wrote and sang the chorus for Mtv's & VH1's all time Top 100 Hip-Hop songs, "Gin & Juice", ranked at #8. A Hip-Hop Classic with Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg, and has worked with other stellar artists such as Kurupt, Daz, Nate Dogg, Sisquo & Jazz of DruHill, just to name a few. He has also performed with and opened for the legendary singing group, The Dramatics and opened for Shanice Wilson at L.A.'s own, Conga Room in late Oct of 2011. David Jr is currently preparing to tour independently with 4942 as well as spearheading The Sons Of Motown project.

In the past years, highly touted music publications such as The Rolling Stone, The Source and Rap Pages have labeled him as "talented and up-and-coming"… But
David credits his father, along with current soloist, Joe, Usher, Anthony Hamilton and 80s crooners, Alexander O’Neal, James D-Train Williams, and the great Marvin Gaye as the major influences on his style of singing. David has released a EP and a more recent release of “MUTHAPHUCKAWERK/RuffinItMusic and an equally explosive single, in which he is featured on with Rap icon Mista Perkins, titled “PATRON”/wwg.
DRJ is also piecing a new LP: “BLOODLINE”. With his own “Band" backing him locally, nationally, and potentially internationally, David is well prepared to further elevate the Ruffin name in the entertainment world.

When asked of the Trials and Tribulations of the music industry he simply states, "I'm a focused and determined artist. I've blessed me with the gift of words & song, and no matter how frustrating the business of music is, was, and will be, I'm a singer. I'm gonna sing and if blessed enough, the people will continue to listen”. It's in his blood.