DJ/Producer Brasileiro (Dutch) born in Sao Paulo, Brazil grew up in the Netherlands.
Since a young age he was busy with music and light and started to DJ at the age of 11 behind closed doors.
Learned it the old fashion way with the very first turntables (Technics). When he was 18 years old the first gigs came in en started to play in several clubs in Spain. After that he went for a long break and the music disappeared to the background for several years. After picking up the music again it became immediately a success. He did some contests and talent shows and with the best of luck it was the beginning of the new Brasileiro.
Some events he played at are:

- Be Delicious

- Last minute Summer Event

- Sublime Nye

- Resident DJ at label Brasileiro

- Serious Request

- Several clubs in the Ukraine.

-Resident Dj Top Balada Brasil

He warmed up for names like: Gizmo, Pavo, The Activator, Jordy Dazz, KBCA, Jazzlyn Soares, Santos Suarez, Ilker Akay, Pascal Moreno, Dj Flex,Gregor Salto,LikeBrazil, Lucien Foort.

His main styles are Progressive, Dirty House, Latin House but is also prepared to play other styles. He is a very energetic DJ who records almost all of his mixtapes live on set.
First Release


Record Label Most Wanted International

In 2014 it was time for him to start his own labels Brazata Records Brazata Hardstyle Exilation records.

He just start a new label I.Go-records in 2016