Daniel Cash Kristiansen

London, United Kingdom

Daniel Cash Kristiansen is a digital marketing strategist who works with individuals, businesses and organisations to achieve their marketing, advertising and branding goals. Daniel does this by specialising in social media and leveraging it's power to build relationships and forge a deeper connection with customers.

More specifically, Daniel Cash Kristiansen helps people and businesses implement the right strategy and use the right tools to get their message out clearly. Most importantly, Daniel helps change the way they think about digital marketing. It's not about "doing social media" or shouting their marketing message at the world. It's about building trust and becoming a great company/person/organisation that people want to interact with and buy from. You don't "do social" you are social!

Currently Daniel Cash Kristiansen is working on SocialMakeovers.com, a passion project that uses the power of social media and other digital tools help individuals with their persona brand.

So if you need help with your digital marketing or just want to connect please get in touch! If Daniel Cash Kristiansen can't be of service he might know other that can help. After all, building relationships and connecting with people is what social media is all about.

*Thank you Tray Ratcliff for the amzing photo!