Daniel Crawford Grape City


Daniel Crawford, a Japanese-based professional, holds executive vice president responsibilities with GrapeCity Group. Formerly Bunka Orient Corporation, the enterprise is a sister company of MeySen Academy. Founded more than 45 years ago, the academy encompasses two campuses in the Sendai, Japan, region and emphasizes an innovative approach to teaching kindergarten-age students English as a second language. Daniel Crawford’s work with Grape City involves guiding the operations of a well-established provider of developer tools and school management systems.

The company was established in the early 1980s, at a time when computers were first entering the consumer market. Software developed initially met the reporting and accounting needs of MeySen Academy and ultimately spanned a wide range of software services and products. Mr. Crawford has experience leading all aspects of sales and marketing activities, and he has guided the Grape City customer service division. His firm has provided consumer relationship management solutions to Syngenta and helped set up an online store with Sony Style China.

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