Daniel Hernández

Designer, Small Business Owner, and Artist in Boston, Massachusetts

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Daniel Hernández is an international award winning, Colombian-American fashion designer, licensed cosmetologist, educator, and the founder/ creative director of DH Studios Inc. Gerry Villacres, executive director of the Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce in Boston, describes Hernández as a “well-rounded individual who has managed to integrate innovation and entrepreneurial skills.” Daniel’s approach to fashion and the cosmetics industry in general is based on a fundamental appreciation of his interpretation of the modern woman and a holistic perspective in creating that look. Combined with his fervent desire to improve current technology used to create garments and integrating his in-depth knowledge and appreciation of former influential designers, he takes it a step further. Daniel considers a woman’s unique attributes and interprets beauty through this lens. His designs celebrate a variety of skin colors, backgrounds, and body types. It is no surprise that by combining a classic well-structured garment as the foundation, and coupled with the ability to customize it, he has mastered the delicate balance of professionalism and “couture”.

In fact, his designs have landed him numerous accolades out of New York, Amsterdam, and Boston, and are recognized by established brands such as Banana Republic and Alfred Fiandaca. He was recently awarded “Fashion Designer of the Year” by Style It Up TV, and “Cutting Edge Designer of the Year” by the New York Fashion Awards. His designs have also been featured on several magazine publications.

“Natural beauty”, in which cosmetics and hair care play a key role in completing the “modern look” is meticulously considered in developing his cosmetics and hair-product lines. His first product, Control Crème, was highly successful and served as a platform for over one hundred beauty products. He selects gentle but effective products in his salon in addition to his current styling line. He participates in research and collaboration with several laboratories to create products that combine skin-care with make-up application in order to simplify a busy woman’s current beautification routine. He is a firm believer in preventative and restorative measures as well as a healthy diet and exercise as part of this process. In his private make-up sessions offered at his business, he facilitates his client’s understanding of how this philosophy fits their make-up routine.

After moving to the U.S., Daniel