Daniela Duncan

Photographer in Charleston, South Carolina

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Hi, I'm a photographer living in beautiful South Carolina, in the US. I was born and raised in Brazil and graduated in Mass Communication with a major in Journalism. Photography was a passion of mine since I was a teenager, when my father gave me my first camera. Books with wildlife and historic pictures were my most treasured gifts. In college, photography classes were my favorite. For a while, photography was a hobby and not my main occupation. I've first worked as a reporter and producer in Brazil and then as an interpreter for an international law firm in the US for many years. Now I follow my passion and photograph the wonderful things I see.

I love being in nature, watching animals, traveling and connecting with people - I gravitate towards photographing vivid, colorful subjects and beautiful places. I like to think that most of my images have an optimistic feel to them and my hope is that they elicit a positive emotion in the viewer.

So far, my pictures have been published in all continents, except Antarctica. It's been quite an interesting journey! You can license many of my photos via Getty Images, purchase select limited prints when I exhibit them or contact me with specific requests. You can see my most recent captures on Instagram. Link is here. Thanks for stopping by!