Daniel Philip

I am Daniel Philip From America currently working as a captain in Shipping Cargo Company in Saudi Arabia.

I am quite a simple man, Love Children, Quite Cheerful when i need to be and a serious Ghoul when it comes to defending my Nations against both Local and International Threats.

I was born in Texas City in Feb 15th, 1961, i was raised in Syracuse, New York, i attended West-hill Senior High School. Just before my graduation in April 1987 i got married to Deborah the daughter of Bob Smith, she was a classmate of mine in high school we grew up near her family in Onondaga Hill. New York, because i have no family, I am an orphan but we have a son i can call my family, life is not fear with me, she pass away when giving birth to Jerry.

After the death of my wife 3 years later i meet Vivian, I'm not married to Vivian, she 's cheating on me that she was pregnant with another man and now they got married when I was away. I care so much about it was good for my son because they are the source of my joy and happiness. I know that it really means to be alone . life without his wife so badly. I believe that when we're together, I 'll tell you about my life story , I like music, traveling, swimming, soccer , and thorns of love to cook , my best sport is golf and tennis, and I love to play golf every Saturday , but sometimes also very busy , I like honest and loyal people . I'll tell you more about me when you meet me, I really hope that we are beginning to understand us better. It's a little about me and do, Do not hesitate to ask me more questions if there is anything you want to know about me I am open to good and lovely ladies of my choice. I have a very mature, decent and faithful.

Here is my email if you want to contact with me, danphilip27@gmail.com

my house address, No_9 Woodlawn Ave New York Albany .