Darrin D. Payne

Author and Publisher in Atlanta, Georgia

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Born & raised in Passaic County, New Jersey, Darrin graduated from High School in the 80's. He was always a natural talent in front of the camera and in the studio. His roles as Honor student, Student Government President, alto saxophonist in jazz, concert and marching band, 1st tenor in the choral and gospel choirs, guest soloist in school, church various local venues were overshadowed by his affinity to party like a "rock star"- his life's disturbance until his late 30's. These years make up his initial Spiritual training and development featured in his published memoir "A Conqueror In Training."

His first degree was completed in 1991 and he entered the world of medical imaging. It was a rewarding career for nearly 15 years before he was overcome with a major skeletal defect that took him out of his career permanently. Fortunately, God was birthing his affinity towards ministry.

Ordained in 2006, he serves in the Baptist church as an associate minister. He launched Conqueror Ministries in 2013 for his personal outreach ministry -helping men recover from the storms of life. He promotes the Conqueror Lifestyle through his preaching, teaching and speaking engagements

He is the author of the "Suit Up" Series which is designed to prepare men to utilize the armor of God. He provides Conqueror Marriage Services to men and their prospective wives and serves married couples as a Relationship Advocate to prevent divorce.

He married his wife at age 23 and they are blessed to have 3 healthy children - 2 boys and a girl. Divorced after 20 years of marriage, he still believes in love between a man and a woman. He is an active grandfather as well!

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