Darrin D Payne

Author, Publisher, and Minister in Atlanta, Georgia

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Darrin was born to live and teach others how to live the Christian life the Apostle Paul depicts in Romans 8. The sum total of his Christian development is realized through his ministries, preaching/speaking engagements,coaching and books.

The Conqueror Lifestyle is the focus of his personal outreach ministry -helping others recover from the storms of life. He promotes the Christian lifestyle brand LiveTCL through his preaching, teaching and speaking engagements. He also provides Conqueror Marriage Services, to men and their prospective wives and serves married couples as a Relationship Advocate. He teaches weekly in the Cyber Bible Study.

He is a gifted speaker, singer and writer who has always found himself working with others well. Married at 23 and a father at 24, the necessity for responsible, mature leadership developed in his personal and professional life simultaneously. However, the years prior would make up his initial Spiritual training and development featured in his published memoir "A Conqueror In Training."

He launched Conqueror Ministries in 2013. The ministries include his books, teaching materials through the Cyber Bible Study and ministry service opportunities all designed to help others establish and maintain the Divine Christian lifestyle revealed in Romans 8:37 - "Nay in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us." Ultimately, God's hand of mercy revealed the production of his Christian faith. His recovery from multiple storms - trials - produced his passion to help others "Live The Conqueror Lifestyle."

His personal struggles with a permanent disability produced even more Divine lessons on spiritual storm recovery. At the appointed time, God birthed the 10 Spiritual Directives by which he began to live the "Conqueror Lifestyle." Shortly thereafter, the "Suit Up" Series was born. Today, God speaks through him with precise, Biblical truth that transforms. Men and women who read his books and/or attend his speaking, preaching and seminars leave renewed in the Spirit of their minds.

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