Dave Michels

Boulder, CO

Dave Michels is a well-known and respected researcher, analyst, speaker, and writer in the B2B communications space, with extensive experience at all levels of the communications industry.

Blog: www.TalkingPointz.com
Frequent Contributor: NoJitter.com, UCStrategies.com

Dave started out in the technical organizations of end user companies including Coors, IBM, General Electric, and others. He started and ran his own VAR for ten years which he sold to concentrate on his independent consulting. The experience of working on both sides of the transaction–buyer and seller–helped Dave understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to technology and the strategies behind the positioning, selling, marketing, procurement, and implementation of communications products and services.

In addition to his private consulting engagements, Dave created and writes the blog TalkingPointz (formerly PinDropSoup), which focuses on research and independent analysis. The site has grown in readership steadily since its launch; with its irreverent, incisive take on the industry,

Besides maintaining TalkingPointz, Dave has also become one of the most popular contributors to the enterprise communications industry’s leading independent websites, including NoJitter.com and UCStrategies.com. He is also an occasional contributor to the GigaOm Pro, TechTarget, CloudAve and Voice Report websites.

Finally, Dave is key participant in the enterprise communications industry’s leading conference, Enterprise Connect. In addition to delivering presentations on major topics, Dave also oversees Enterprise Connect’s Innovation Showcase, which spotlights new and innovative vendor companies within the industry. In this role, he establishes selection criteria, convenes and guides a selection committee, screens applicant companies,and presents the winners at Enterprise Connect.

Dave is also a frequent presenter at other industry events, and routinely attends and covers vendor conferences for analysts and consultants.

Dave holds a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications from University of Colorado. He lives in Boulder, CO, with his family.

  • Education
    • M.S. Telecommunications, University of Colorado