David Evans

Engineer in Dundee, United Kingdom

David Evans

Engineer in Dundee, United Kingdom

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Without a doubt, I can say for certain that my life so far has been somewhat unusual.

I am a guy from Scotland who has worked on a wide variety of engineering projects that range from Photovoltaic systems in Nepal, to supporting Aid and education projects in Iraq, Syri and Turkey.

Back in 2014, I suspended my career as an Aerospace Engineer and retrained as a Private Military Contractor in order to bring as well as support STEM Education in Iraq. Now, I manage several educational outreach projects within the Middle East with a focus on Iraq and Turkey.

The projects vary in scope, from providing Aid packages to schools, giving children (Refugees+Locals) Teddy Bears, providing STEM lessons on the ground in Iraq and helping with Infrastructure projects.

Despite the current political situation in the Middle East, I strongly believe that the people there desire an opportunity to better themselves and their communities.

Although I am only one man, I will do what I can to provide help and have not taken a wage for these projects.

Engineering is, and will always be my passion! However, I do believe that the engineering sector needs to reach out to, as well as engage with the public. As a result, I am currently leading an initiative called STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) which aims to allow the Arts to work side by side with both Engineering as well as Science, this will also be a way to promote all three sectors to the general public.

To facilitate these projects I chair a voluntary group called DSEA ( Discover Science, Engineering, and Arts).

From time to time, as a hobby, I also appear on various TV shows as 'special action' or an Extra, so far I've been on Outlander and an upcoming feature film.

#STEM #Education #Science #Scotland #Iraq

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