David Eskelin

Puyallup, Washington, United States

Dedicated to helping people who are in pain or trying to manage unhealthy habits, Dr. David E. Eskelin has practiced as a hypnotherapist for more than 20 years. He founded and currently leads as clinical director of Body With Hypnosis, where he helps clients develop and internalize healthy, new behaviors that replace old patterns. Dr. David Eskelin uses the power of patients' own minds to address a variety of mental and physical struggles, including nicotine addiction, excess weight, and stress.

Board certified in clinical hypnotherapy, Dr. David E. Eskelin received his graduate and doctoral degrees in ministry and counseling from Faith Evangelical College and Lutheran Seminary. He has received ordination as a Lutheran pastor and with this credential has served as senior chaplain for the Pierce County Sheriff's Department.

Dr. David Eskelin draws on a background as a private therapist to families, couples, and individuals, as well as a counselor to individuals who have experienced domestic violence. Trained with the Duluth Domestic Violence Project, he has contributed to the State of Washington's Work Place Violence Standards booklet and taught graduate-level courses in domestic violence and addictions.

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