David Otto

massage therapist in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Connections are important - next to the Four Food Groups: "coffee, sugar, cream, & anything-with-cheese", human interaction "in real life" is an imperative in my life. Fifteen years ago, I found a profession & continue to hone a talent that is both my passion and my curse - like the drama of a good Shakespearean play. Massage Therapy is her name, and I am not as much an Earth Element as I might be lead to believe - I am more Water & Metal.

I believe in the taijitu - commonly referred to as the "Yin and Yang" - and that Balance is the Penultimate Vision & Universal Law. The Golden Rule is my interpersonal consciousness & I believe The World lives in every living being... and that Karma is not to be fooled away.

I am an Eagle Scout, Educator, Organizer, Tidsoptimist...and Procrastinator, above all. Go figure.

I have hiked the Grand Canyon, learned in Thailand, and traveled in practically every state in the Continental U.S. - yet: I have not been down to the library since 1991.

I completed my first marathon December 2, 2012, jumped out of a perfectly good airplane (at 14,000 feet), mentor a colleague, and motivate a professional association.

The Massage Therapy Foundation has awarded me a John Hancock Non-profit Bib to participate in the running of the 120th Boston Marathon, April 18th, 2016. I am SOOOO ExCiTeD to be a part of this Race, and even more honored to be chosen to raise funds for the Mission and Vision of the Foundation - please Read My Story and Donate! #RunBold #RunningforResearch

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