David Murray


In 2006 I was diagnosed with a high grade osteo sarcoma, the same form of bone cancer that took the life of the amazing Terry Fox. My doctors discovered a grapefruit sized tumour surounding my ribs, just a few centimeters from my spine. My medical team acted quick to remove the tumour and half my rib cage before any damage was done to my spine. At the time, I was a newlywed with a nine month old baby at home. Miraculously, just before embarking on my 15 month journey of surgery and chemotherapy, my wife became pregnant with our our second child. (Something I was told would never be able to happen again after the chemotherapy I would receive). Today I am proud to be in my 8th year of survivorship thanks in no small part to the incredible support of my family and friends. I was also blessed to have the most skilled, caring and compassionate health care team possible. Today I am dedicated to doing whatever I can to make life better for others living with this horrible disease. To that end, I spend much of my free time working with the following organizations: LIVESTRONG: Livestrong Leader (Ottawa, Canada) Canadian Cancer Society: Speaker and presenter Canadian Cancer Society: Facilitator - Living Well beyond Cancer Champlain Regional Cancer Program: Committee Member Health Partners: Member, Speakers Bureau