David Rudat

David L. Rudat is a solution-oriented leader with an innate ability to construct achievable pathways to visionary solutions and generate confidence of those invested in the outcomes of his authority.

A former City Manager and Fire Chief, Dave has successfully climbed ranks of public service for 39 years. A 33 year veteran of the City of Orange, Dave has spent the past 5 years servicing a nonprofit community development association and working on special projects for San Mateo County, City of Los Alamitos, Sacramento, Santa Clara, and the fire departments of Redondo Beach & Riverside County. Not only has he kept himself involved, he’s refined his leadership skills and continued to develop initiatives to strengthen his skillset.

Father of 3 and husband to Carol for 37 years, excellence is evident in the home and in the workplace. His children, successful in their individual arenas, are all accomplished and compassionate. Dave and Carol are deeply patriotic and celebrate that both of their fathers are decorated veterans. They are rewarded by giving back to the community through their involvement with Camp Fire Kids, Boy Scouts, Explorers. and Rotary.

Learn more about specific projects, policies & initiatives under Dave's belt by emailing him.