Dawn McIlvain Stahl

Editor and Writer in Monticello, Illinois

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** Kindly bringing style and order to writing. **

Professional freelance copyeditor and writer with numerous interests. Exceptions: calculus, catheters, and cake. And sometimes even cake is awesome. 

I help people clearly communicate — on websites, in magazines, through social media, blogs, training manuals, educational materials, business letters, marketing and promotional content, scholarly articles and books, higher education textbooks, and fiction. I do it with a respectful attitude, maintaining author voice while adhering to the given styles and keeping the reader in mind. 

I also keep one finger on the pulse of current editing and publishing practices. You can catch the beat of that pulse in my Twitter posts @PurplePenning.

Contact me at PurplePenning[at]gmail.com or through LinkedIn or Twitter @PurplePenning to find out how I can bring style and order to your writing.

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