Dayton Kingery

Volunteer in Greenwich, CT

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At a performance flight school, Dayton Kingery has completed over 30 hours of flight training towards earning a private pilot’s license. Learning on a Cirrus Model SR20, Dayton Kingery put his flight training on hiatus to return to school and finish his degree. He is also the creator of, a website that aims to connect kiteboarding enthusiasts around the world and bring more awareness to the action sport.

While attending high school, he volunteered at several organizations. At Inspirica, an organization that assists homeless families, he participated in after school programs for children. He excelled at providing a nurturing and harmonious presence for the children.

He also volunteered at Tanzania-based Mainsprings, an organization serving children in need with a variety of services and support systems. At Mainsprings, he helped with the campus farm and worked on the Reading Buddies program where his positive attitude and hard work set an example for both his peers and the children in the program.

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    • Inspirica
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    • Performance Flight School
    • London School of Economics and Political Science