Peyton DeWeese

Student in Atlanta, GA

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On my test, my results listed that I have ideation, strategic, futurist, communication, and adaptability. I deeply value the truth, curiosity, and creativity as well. I’m not exactly sure what this would mean for me in terms of leadership, I may have some sort of idea. I tend to try to take control of situations I’m more confident and knowledgeable in, such as many iDiploma projects, whether it works or not. I have a lot to say in general. In addition, I always look at the long term and what has not happened yet as a futurist. But what is most important is that my style would seem to be a bit chaotic. I am not there to tell people what to do, and honestly, I don’t even want to be labeled as a leader. I just want to be a good person at heart.

"Life is tough but so are you."