Dean Forchette

I am a science fiction writer, author of the novels:

The Chimera Virus



...and these short stories and plays:

The Physicist (ss and p)

Special Delivery (p)

The Day The Earth Froze Over (ss)

My novels are reminiscent of classic sci-f, engaging iconic imagery and heroic and villainous archetypes...I am a long time fan of adventure and action SF, in book and film, esp. early SF, 50's monster flicks, and the more cerebral and less-cautionary-tale era of Star Trek and Star Wars, Close Encounter and the intelligent, precise narratives by James Cameron. Hard hitting action, vivid imagery and larger than life characters fill the pages.

If you are a SF fan, I hope you will read and enjoy The Chimera Trilogy. I suggest you start with The Chimera Virus...there, your journey begins!

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