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Do you feel that the Delta Airlines phone and website inspire you to get on an airplane right now? Are you wondering whether this could be the type of service you'd get in the event that you were to travel on Delta Airlines. You'll be happy to know that this site provides a lot of useful information. If you're an avid flier or someone who loves taking trips out of state, you'll get everything you need on this site. In the beginning, how many different types of Delta Airlines can there possibly be? Delta is the title given to two distinct international air lines. They're American in addition to Continental. Both are proud to fly American flags. United States flag and they offer passengers from destinations across Europe, South America, and Asia. There's lots of choices for passengers on Delta Airlines. You can pick your preferred level of comfort according to your preference for the economy, deluxe, first category, even luxurious. It's of course the phone that provides the greatest ease of use. It's the Delta Airlines phone provides one of the most efficient customer support programs of any airline.