"Only once in my life, I found someone who completely changed my world. She told me things that she'd never shared with another soul and I still remember everything she said and really want to hear more, we were just a two piece talking in the similar manner with the same words at the same time.

We had hopes for the future, hopes for living together for the rest of life. She said that I was her whole world, but now I realize it was all bunch of lies. I forgot that dreams never comes true, and that promises are always broken which still gives me deep pain inside my heart.

When something wonderful happened she couldn't wait to tell me about it, knowing that I will also be excited for her happiness. She never did hurt my feelings or make me feel like that I am not good enough for her, but rather she build me up and showed me the brighter side of me that made me special and even smarter.She could be mine because I did not matter what I thought of her past life, I just loved her for who she was.

The things that seems insignificant to most people such as a note, song or walk becomes invaluable treasures kept safe in my heart to cherish forever. Memories of those times come back and are so clear and vivid it's like I still live in those moments again.

A day without her phone call would not just be hard to pass the day but impossible to do. Just listening to her voice helped me to get me through a long day's work and my worries would vanish. Whenever I thought of her, a smile would appear on my face. When with her there was no need for continuous conversation, I was quite content in just having her nearby.

Things that I was never interested in before became fascinating because I knew she was important to me and she loved doing those things. I think of her on every occasion and in everything I do. Simple things remind me of her. When I see couple, how I wished they were two of us.

One day finally she is going to realized that my feelings were true for her. She experienced love and joy that she never dreamed possible. She realized that being vulnerable is the only way to allow her heart to feel true love that's so real it scared her.

She found strength knowing she had a true friend and possibly a soul mate that will remain loyal forever. Life seemed completely different, exciting and worth living. My only hope and well being is in knowing that she was once a part of my life...