Diego Galeano

I have pursued my undergraduate studies at the Catholic University of Asuncion, Paraguay in the field of Electronics Engineering, a five-year + 1 year thesis career (2008-2014). During my undergraduate thesis, I have worked on the development of a low-cost, off-the-shelf platform for assessment and rehabilitation of postural control under the supervision of PhD. Fernando Brunetti and PhD. Diego Torricelli. In january of 2014 I have been awarded with the AITADIS scholarship for a short-research visit at the Bioengineering Group in Madrid-Spain (HYPER Project framework). The purpose of it, was to tested the platform in real-life condition, through pre-clinical tests in hospitals and under the supervision of experts in the field of posturography. Throughout this work, we have made five publications, including one in a journal.

Currently, I am pursing a PhD in Bioinformatics at Royal Holloway, University of London in the PaccanaroLab under the supervision of PhD. Alberto Paccanaro.