Digital Media Mavens

Washington, District of Columbia, United States


In an industry where women of color are hugely under-represented, Digital Media Mavens (DMM) was formed with the goal to specifically honor the women of color in media. Founded by three public relations experts, DMM seeks to bring multicultural women together in a safe place where they can relax, network and connect with other media professionals. Additionally, DMM aims to thank women in the media for supporting the careers of women of color in public relations, media relations, event planning, digital media, film, television, video production, and social media.

DMM regularly hosts pop up events throughout the country for women of color in the media. These intimate events include pamper parties, wine tastings and dinners where attendees can let down their hair and let go of the stress and pressure of being a part of a highly intense and demanding profession.


The Digital Media Mavens was started in Washington, D.C. by three women, Danielle Ricks, Xina Eiland, and Wendy McAllister. Danielle, CEO of Danielle Ricks Productions, has been in the broadcast television field for over 20 years and in the digital media space for over six years. Xina is a media relations specialist and engagement builder who has been the CEO of X+PR for more than 10 years. Wendy is the founder of Evolution Consulting Group, a firm that specializes in brand engagement.

Each of these women has a personal goal of supporting the network of women of color who are changing the face of media. They hope to expand the programming to include more events in major cities around the country.