Dionne lightwood

Brighton UK

I am currently working as a Singer Song-writer Multi Genre Formats

i could bore you with many a Story about oh Music is My life, Or Tell you about i have Been Singing Since i Could Talk, ect, but I Wont!,

Its Not whats Past that i want people to Look At, its What i /We can do Together in The Future, If you want to know More about Me All you Have to Do is put my Name into Google, There is plenty there, Links, Gossip, Reviews and posts.

If you See a Potential for Contacting Me for Anything Commercial please do,

if you want to Follow me, And My Music, i would Love to Hear what you Do, too and Follow you Back

IF you want to Be Hateful, and abusive? i Will let The Lord deal with you Later, .... Because one of The Gifts He has Given Me is, "In one Ear and out the other" Dont Waste your Breath .

SO, if you are Still Reading To The End? Hello My Name is Dionne, and its a Pleasure to Meet you, please Add Me On Some Or all My links, And Most of All Have Fun muaghhh x

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    • Multi genre Singer Songwriter
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