Aly Balagamwala

NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and Life Coach in Karachi, Pakistan

Aly Balagamwala

NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and Life Coach in Karachi, Pakistan

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Certified NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner & Coach; Executive Leadership experience in Operations & Trade of Agri-Products, Mineral Ores, Cement, & Textiles; Philanthropist; Social Media Enthusiast; Amateur Technical Analyst with experience in the Karachi Stock Exchange

Muhammad Aly Balagamwala is an entrepreneur/industrialist who was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan where he currently resides. Aly graduated from North Carolina State University with a BS in Textile Chemistry and somewhere in those 4 years became a practicing Muslim (May Allah reward the wonderful community of Raleigh, NC for that). He is currently a Certified NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner & a Coach. His aim is to help clients get to the NXTLVL. To book an exploratory session on how Coaching, NLP, and Hypnosis can really help you book a session.

He is also Executive Director of two Karachi-based family-owned group of companies and is/has been associated with the cement, agri-products, animal feeds, minerals, towels, and fabrics sectors.

Known in the Social Media community as DiscoMaulvi, he occasionally writes on his personal blog From The Pulpit ... Sermons of DiscoMaulvi and is easily accessible via Twitter or through his Public Page on Facebook.

Some of the volunteer projects that Aly is currently associated with: - Team Lead of the Comments Team & Associate Writer

Ihsaas Trust - Co-Founder and Trustee

LiveDeen - Head of Speaker Logistics & Hospitality

Azaan Institute - Head of Speaker Logistics & Hospitality

  • Work
    • Mind Sciences Practitioner
  • Education
    • North Carolina State University
    • Saint Patrick's High School