Álvaro de Marichalar

Moscow, Madrid, London

Born in Pamplona, Navarra. Kingdom of Spain

Academic of the Royal Sea Academy

Sailor, Adventurer, Entrepreneur and Lecturer.

In 1984 he founded TeleSat,

one of the first companies to supply systems for satellite television reception in

Spain, England and France. Presently he manages his own mobile-phone sales

and recycling company in Spain and other European countries.

His passion is sailing; an activity he combines with his business commitments. Since 1982 he has carried out 39 maritime expeditions, winning eleven World Records.

With his sea crossing expeditions he raises humanitarian aid for NGO, such as Mensajeros de la Paz or Tierra de Hombres.

He also writes books, produces documentaries (for National Geographic Channel, among other TV channels) and lectures at conferences around the world: http://www.thinkingheads.com/conferenciantes/alvaro-de-marichalar

Golden Anchor winner from the Royal Spanish Naval League.

Medal from the City of San Petersburg.

Author of the book "Rumbo al Horizonte Azul" - "Heading to the Blue Horizon"

Aviation pilot. Served two years in the Royal Spanish Air Force.

Member of the National Political Council of Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD) a Spanish political party.

Alvaro's lectures.-

Alvaro's Lectures are based on his experience at sea: He lectures about the will to fight against all odds; the ability to conquer fear. About his solo voyage from Southern China to Tokyo; from Barcelona to Odessa (Ukraine); from Rome to NewYork transatlantic, among other expeditions. Alvaro talks about ocean preservation and the spirit of friendship; about sports and a healthy life. Álvaro has a captivating lecture directed towards Students, Businessmen, Managers, and other Entrepreneurs drawing parallels between their business world and his experiences.

Álvaro is an inspiring story teller who can captivate any audience with his stories of successful management and execution of extraordinary feats. A true Avatar, who knows what his next adventures will be and how they will further inspire us.

Speech topics:

1. Motivation & Achievement

2. Culture & Society

3. Sports

Alvaro talks in English, Italian, French and Spanish

  • Work
    • Mobile phone recycling and Real Estate brockerage
  • Education
    • Business Administration