William Mitchell

Artist and Musician in Hartlepool, United Kingdom

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I was 'born and raised' in a town on the outskirts of Manchester, though I have lived in Hartlepool for over a decade.

Though I like to consider myself to be a musician; I've not been doing much musician-type stuff of late (Guitar Hero doesn't count), but my main passion is Bass Guitar! Other than music, my hobbies include but arn't limited to: Horror Movies, Animé & Manga, Comic Books, Video Games and Collecting things (Action Figures/Toys, Pokémon Cards, Video Games/Consoles, DVDs, Etc), so yeah I am just a massive geek.

Besides playing bass guitar, I can play (very badly) a few other things and enjoy a bit of midi sequencing every so often. My music tastes are rather varied, there is almost too much to list, as I like a bit of everything: Industrial, Techno, EDM, Metal, Rock, Rock and Roll, Glam Rock, Musique Concrete, EBM, 80's Electronica, Horror Punk, Dance, Digital Hardcore and much more... If I like something then I'll listen to it, and if I don't then I'll not... I enjoy playing Industrial and Horror Punk styles on bass (E and G notes get a lot of use).

With movies I like a lot of random crap, specially series of films (even the '.... In Space' stuff that horror resorts to), Horror Movies are quite an influence on me, specially old black and white ones with zombies and flying saucers on string, For some reason I also have a large (and growing) collection of 'Films based on Video Games', and I really enjoy dystopian cyber-punk future stuff.

I love the style and stories of Junko Mizuno and Junji Ito, and I am avid fanatic of Geobreeders by Akihiro Ito.

Comic book:
I collect the works of Roman Dirge and Jhonen Vasques, but I also have a habit of buying super hero stuff (Deadpool, mostly Deadpool... and some Harley Quinn), I also like horror and humorous comics...
My favourite comic book heroes are Spider-Man and Batman; my favourite Anti-heroes are Deadpool and Harley Quinn and my favourite supervillain is the Joker! (Because I am a massive cliché)

I read a lot of horror, my favourite authors are Clive Barker, Stephen Laws, Anne Rice and David Wong, Fantasy wise I read and collect things to do with Terry Pratchett's Discworld, I am infatuated with Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere universe. And with Sci-Fi anything with power armour is good, though I really enjoy James SA Corey's Expanse series and John Scalzi's Oldman's War. Other authors who's work I enjoy reading are Charlie Brooker, Anton LaVey and Hunter S. Thompson.

  • Education
    • Joseph Eastham High School
    • Hartlepool College of Further Education