Michelle King-Okoye

Research Consultant in United Kingdom and the Caribbean

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Dr Michelle Maxine King-Okoye is a research scholar at the Ronin Institute, an alumna of the University of Surrey, United Kingdom and a research consultant at The Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education (IGDORE).

Michelle aims to conduct research globally examining participants' experiences of health and illness, their pathways to care and usage of complementary and conventional medicine. Her focus is to highlight how beliefs, culture and ethnicity are integral to individuals and families health and illness experiences.

Dr King-Okoye was the 2019 recipient of the prestigious Rosemary Pope award for her outstanding and significant contributions to healthcare, policy-making, education and research at The University of Surrey, UK, in which her thesis scored the highest across the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

Although population health is significant to Dr King-Okoye's research interests, her priority is to conduct research mainly among Black and Minority Ethnic Groups because they are severely under-represented across health research literature. She aims to contribute to health sciences, social science and medicine in these disparities.

Michelle has presented at esteemed conferences internationally and she is currently involved in global research collaborations related to COVID-19, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, which will inform policy-making and improve healthcare.

Dr King-Okoye is currently leading an international study with a research consortium.

Please contact Michelle to get involved in the study. Have you been suspected or confirmed positive for Covid-19? Have you cared for someone or a loved one with Covid-19? We need to hear your story.

[email protected] or the social media links below for research collaborations or further information.