Dr. Harmonica is Lance Wakely

I am the one and almost only Dr. Harmonica. Blues man, songwriter, record producer (my own CD'S) busker extraordinaire and general all around trouble maker and occasional pain in the ass to those who have the misfortune to piss me off. I've been making music since long before I was born and intend to keep doing so long after I'm gone. I am originally from California but have been living in Europe these last 30 odd years. Your likely to find me somewhere in Norway during the summer playing in the middle of a walking street generally disturbing the shop keepers but pleasing the pedestrians with screaming electric guitar riffs, wailing harmonica sounds, driving bass rhythms, pounding drums, original clever lyrics and a voice that can cause dogs to howl, babies to cry and woman to get weak with desire.

DR. HARMONICA & The One Man Big Time Super Blues Band.

The band consists of Dr. Harmonica singing and playing either the electric or the acoustic guitar along with the harmonica while stomping on a few dozen foot pedals which control almost every conceivable sound known to man and musician. These include harmony vocals, drums, percussion effects, distortions, wha wha, phaser, flanger, chorus, delay and reverb. I accompany myself with my own written and self produced backing tracks containing bass and drums and other assorted sounds and instruments.

There are five available C D’s. “DEDICATED TO THE BLUES” (2000) and “WILDFIRE” (2002). Each contain 15 completely original songs. A double CD called Dr Harmonica “EXTREEEMLY PLUGGED” and “ALMOST UNPLUGGED” (2004) containing 21 original songs and one classic blues cover. “THE POWER OF THE BLUES” with 13 original songs and one classic blues cover. The latest production from 2009 called “BLUES, BOOZE AND BOOGIE with 13 original songs. All of the cd’s with the exception of “DEDICATED TO THE BLUES” were written, performed, recorded, produced, mixed, mastered, chopped, spliced and diced completely by myself. Lance Wakely a.k.a. Dr. Harmonica at his One Man Big Time Band recording studio.