Dr. Brian Evans

Plastic Surgeon and Reconstructive Surgeon in California

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Dr. Brian Evans Board-certified plastic surgeon whose private medical practice has been divided between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and the care of the burn-injured patient. Dr. Evans is currently a surgeon at the renowned Grossman Burn Centers at West Hills Hospital in West Hills, CA. He co-founded the Skin Deformities and Research Foundation and has lectured on Burn Reconstruction, Skin Cancer reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. Evans has recently become Clinical Instructor of Medicine of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Centers and will be the Medical Director of the Wound Clinic at West Hills Hospital which is slated to open in 2016.

He aims to increase the confidence of patients and to improve their appearance by performing procedures of a high standard. A thorough first consultation is scheduled to understand the requirements of patients before procedures are performed. Services provided include the surgical reshaping or augmentation of facial features and breasts, surgical body sculpting procedures, stem cell therapy, surgery for skin cancer and wound care surgery

Here are plastic surgery procedures Dr Evans specializes in:

• Rhinoplasty (nose job)

• Facelift

• Blepharoplasty (eye lift)

• Butt lift

• Breast augmentation (breast enhancement, enlargement, or reduction)

• Tummy tuck

• Liposuction