Dr. Daxes Banit

Based in Georgia, Dr. Daxes Banit serves as a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who has been practicing for nearly two decades. Dr. Banit currently assists patients at Middle Georgia Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine in Warner Robbins. The facility is widely considered one of the nation’s leading institutions for orthopedic surgery. A charitable individual, Dr. Daxes Banit takes pride in the fact that the practice is closely involved in the community’s school system. On Saturdays, the center assists students with sports injuries. The center also helps nearby schools to raise money by providing services for local athletic events. Likewise, the Central Georgia Orthopaedic and Sports Foundation provides sports equipment to the schools and helps athletes with the cost of playing sports. Students also receive discounted physicals at Middle Georgia Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine. In turn, the center donates the money to the schools. Apart from supporting local schools, the center has received extensive praise for its groundbreaking work on patented designs of improved surgical equipment. Dr. Daxes Banit helped to develop instruments made of carbon fibers that are easier to utilize and more useful in performing surgery. Dr. Banit has developed a design of his own, a rod that makes small incisions but does not limit maneuverability. Highly knowledgeable about minimally invasive surgery, he has spoken about the subject at conferences and courses in countries including Europe, Mexico, and India. In addition, Dr. Daxes Banit possesses extensive experience with spinal cord stimulator technology, which has proven to relieve chronic pain. Dr. Banit has also studied under the renowned Dr. Fritz Magerl, who taught him surgical techniques for the lower back. He later imparted the information in his travels to Europe, Mexico, and India.

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