Eric Amidi

Beverly Hills, USA

Dr. Eric Amidi is a Particle Physicist, entrepreneur, and a best-selling author. He is the founder and the president of Believe And Manifest Inc.

Eric's areas of interest span entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and the science of mind.

Dr. Eric Amidi's scientific background is in physics, a subject matter in which he holds a PhD. His scientific research includes a joint effort at Fermi National Laboratory that resulted in the discovery of one of the fundamental building blocks of the universe called the Top Quark.

Eric used Artificial Neural Networks in his research. Artificial Neural Networks are software programs that work similar to the human brain.

While working on the software models of learning, Eric's interest in practical methods to improve and change human mind deepened.

Human brain is one of the most complex systems in the universe, capable of reshaping itself in virtually unlimited ways. This underscores the vast number of possibilities to reshape and transform one's life.

Dr. Amidi writes, advises, and consults on productivity, entrepreneurship, and life-transforming self-improvement methods.