Farouk Ibrahim

Psychiatrist in Mansoura, Egypt

Farouk Ibrahim

Psychiatrist in Mansoura, Egypt

I am a Psychiatrist and technology geek.

My interests are (Psychotherapy, Web Developing, Data Analysis, Computational Health Informatics, Bioinformatics, Machine learning, AI and Technology in general).


I believe that we reached a time in it (Neuroscience & AI) must have to advance together.

That is why after graduating from medical school, I started having an interest in integrative neuroscience with a special focus on computational neuroscience, data analysis, machine learning and deep learning.

==> My goal is to develop a novel machine learning-based data analysis techniques that are capable of handling the vast amount of neural big data produced in Neuroscience labs and Psychiatric studies to help accelerate the world of research in both fields.

After I got around the philosophy of (Neuroscience-inspired AI) research, I started believing that the advancement in neuroscience research field will accelerate & benefit the AI field itself.

Additionally, because of my medical background, I am also interested in applying machine learning to healthcare problems.

==> I have been practising medicine as a NeuroPsychaitrist for a while now but I want to turn to research and I see how machine learning can empower (Healthcare Specialists) especially in ambiguous scenarios and scenarios that require fast decision making.


to connect with me: 📞 00201012678308

Email 📧 [email protected]

  • Education
    • Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, Egypt