James Russell

Since graduating from Manchester University in 2001 I've been passionate about dentistry - the ability to make people not only more healthy but also feel and look better is hugely rewarding.

Education is key to staying at the forefront of this profession so I dedicate over 200 hours a year to make sure I can provide the most up-to-date treatments in the least invasive way.

In 2008 I passed the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry's Accreditation exam. This prestigious award is given in recognition of excellence in cosmetic dentistry and I am the youngest dentist to achieve this.

Since 2009 I have been the dental expert providing advice and treatment on Channel 4's highly popular, BAFTA winning, Embarrassing Bodies program. Many people with dental problems are too afraid to go to the dentist and it's great to hear how many people have taken the first steps after watching the show. When I'm not working in the clinic I'm lecturing to dentists both in the UK and abroad.

I love lecturing and you also learn more when you teach! In 2010 I was honoured to be voted the 5th most influential dentist in the UK and even more so to be voted No.1 in Private Dentistry's Elite 20 poll.

My mission is: "To provide the highest quality dentistry, using the least invasive techniques in a caring, relaxing and understanding environment."