Joel Klenck

Archaeologist, Anthropologist, and Historic Preservation in Apia, Samoa

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Senior Lecturer and President / Principal Investigator Joel D. Klenck has a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology / Archaeology from Northwestern University, Masters of Arts in Anthropology / Archaeology from Harvard University, Doctorate (PhD) in Anthropology / Archaeology from Harvard University, and a Juris Doctor Degree from University of Miami School of Law with a focus on historic preservation, antiquities, and art law. Joel Klenck has completed archaeology projects throughout the globe, from an array of time periods, in North America, Europe, the Near East, and Oceania. Joel is the Senior Lecturer of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, for the Centre of Samoan Studies, at the National University of Samoa, and the President / Principal Investigator of PRC, Inc., a cultural research management firm. Joel has also served in government positions as a Territorial Archaeologist and Acting Historic Preservation Officer for the U.S. Federal and American Samoa Government. His areas of research are remote sensing technology: ground penetrating radar, magnetometry and LiDAR, historic preservation and antiquities laws, archaeological survey techniques, zooarchaeology, physical anthropology, lithic analysis, excavation methods, and applied archaeology processes.