Dr Kishan Rees

Doctor, Student, and Teacher in London, United Kingdom

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Dr Kishan Rees, graduated from The University of Leicester Medical School in 2009 and is a clinical teaching fellow, involved in training the next generation of junior doctors. Clinically he works as an accident and emergency doctor. Kishan was diagnosed with adult dyslexia late in his career in 2017, despite this he completed medical school and then a medical education masters with distinction, so has an interest in learning styles and education. He is now in the final year of a Masters of Business Administration at Nottingham Business School.

Kishan is interested in disruptive innovation and utilises social media and novel educational techniques in order to improve medical education and healthcare in the UK. He is not afraid to speak truth to power when it comes to defending the NHS, it's staff and its patients. In doing so he has developed an organic social media following through WatMed Media, a social media broadcaster covering NHS issues. As a result he has become a regular on Sky News as a health pundit and more recently a newspaper reviewer. Topics he has covered include Brexit, NHS crisis and NHS cyber attack as well as numerous topical health stories. He is an advocate for women's and mental health issues, as too often these are sadly ignored. He is comfortable with a range of live and pre recorded television and radio formats.

In July 2017 he was appointed as a NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur and his MBA dissertation on making medical education more patient based to improve patient safety and quality of care will form part of his submissions to NHS England. He has obtained excellent reviews from his patients when working in A&E, which can be found on his public 'I want great care' profile.

Most recently Dr Kishan Rees has spoken about his desire to positively change the doctor patient relationship actively encouraging patients to become aware of their conditions using Google, this particular segment from Sky News forms part of the attached showreel. He is currently working on a documentary to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS.