Dr. Rudolph Bertagnoli

Dr. Rudolph Bertagnoli, a professor of spinal surgery based out of Germany, has been referred to as the world’s leading spine surgeon by both patients and fellow surgeons. He began his academic career in 1989 as an assistant professor at the Georg-August-University Orthopedic University Hospital in Göttingen, Germany. He also served the hospital as chief of the spinal department under the leadership of director professor Dr. H.G. Willert. In subsequent years he held department head positions at the St. Elizabeth Clinic’s spine center, the St. Wolfgang Spine Center, and the spine unit at Johannesbad Clinic. Over the course of his career Dr. Rudolph Bertagnoli has become an expert in artificial disk replacement as an effective alternative to spinal fusion surgery.

When he is not working with local patients, Dr. Bertagnoli provides his surgical knowledge to foreign patients through free evaluation sessions. In his free time he likes to stay active by playing golf.

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