Dr Terry McEnany

A thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon for over two decades, Dr. Terry McEnany last served as the chair of the Department of Cardiovascular Disease for Luther Hospital and Midelfort Clinic of the Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He has obtained medical licenses in six states over the course of his career and held appointments ranging from staff surgeon to professor of surgery at hospitals and medical schools across the United States. Among other leadership positions, Dr. Terry McEnany acted as chief of the department of cardiovascular surgery at Kaiser Foundation Hospital in San Francisco, California, for over 10 years.

Within the academic field, Terry McEnany, MD, served terms as a professor of surgery for Brown University Medical School and as the Karl Klassen professor of thoracic surgery for the Ohio State University College of Medicine. He has contributed as a researcher and author to numerous articles appearing in several peer-reviewed publications, such as the Journal of Cardiac Surgery, American Heart Journal, and the American Journal of Cardiology.

Since leaving medical practice in 1998, Terry McEnany, MD, has worked as a ski instructor for Aspen Skiing Company in Aspen, Colorado. Outside of time spent teaching ski lessons, he volunteers with local organizations that provide assistance for members of underserved minority communities.

  • Education
    • The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine