Rick Kinnard

Conference Producer in the United States

✭ Technology Evangelist, Social Media Entrepreneur, Change Agent
✭ Host, Speaker, Producer, Connector, Business Advisor
✭ Sales & Marketing Accelerator

I am activity looking to transition to an industry leader as the VP/National Director of Corporate Conferences and Executive Leadership Events to employ my expertise in producing great events.

"Rick is known for his unique ability to connect with people in business and politics. (See below) He has produced and hosted well over 1000 executive events nationwide with IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, HP, Intel and many more. Rick is an expert in leveraging the sales and marketing processes to accelerate building business relationships and increase sales volume. He is a technology evangelist and a connector in his travels and speaking engagements presenting to audiences across the country. Rick is a technology advocate with boundless energy, never-ending optimism and candid enthusiasm for new technology and the personalities leading technology. He serves in connecting emerging technologies with strategic advisement, marketing and product deployment. He has founded several companies and is currently advising several select start-ups. He served as National Director for the TechExecs Network and on the Executive Steering Committee for America's Future Series and as a Member."

Based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex