Dustin Chase-Woods

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Dustin Chase-Woods is currently enrolled at University of Pennsylvania Law School, where he is pursuing his Juris Doctorate until 2017. A native of San Fernando Valley in California, Dustin has had an exemplary academic history, which included courses at Berkley University. With a lifelong passion for history and music, he earned a Bachelor of the Arts in both disciplines. Dustin also extensively studied orchestral conducting for many years, and he considers the time spent in musical pursuits as among the most rewarding of his life.

Eager to explore other opportunities, Dustin took a departure from music and assumed the role of marketing and business technology specialist in a major medical consulting firm. It was then that he embarked on the next stage of his professional career as a social media marketing and management professional.

Still on the lookout for new opportunities for personal and professional growth, Dustin next set his sights on earning a law degree. It proved to be a wise decision as it was in the study of law that Dustin found his true passion in life. As significant as his decision to enter the legal profession was however, Dustin still considers the years that he spent in the health care industry as integral to his success in the legal industry. He currently works as a volunteer with the Medical Legal Community Partnership in Philadelphia, PA, even as he continues to work toward his law degree.

Volunteering has not only brought Dustin a positive sense of self worth and accomplishments, it is helping to further his legal studies with hands on environment. Working with professionals to help the less fortunate provides a variety of situations in which legal knowledge can be tested, challenging the mind to come up with new and unique resolutions and solutions to the problems of others. By continuing to volunteer and become a part of the public health and legal community, Dustin can help provide a better future for the people.

Dustin Chase-Woods is an asset to his community and his college. He makes an impact in whatever field he is in, be it music, health, or law. If he is considered an example of the lawyers of the future, the public health community will find itself in some comfortably, caring hand that provides a well of knowledge and do their part.

  • Work
    • Freed Associates
  • Education
    • University of Pennsylvania Law School
    • University of California, Berkeley