Dyuanna Calhoun

Life Coach and Public Speaker in Ohio

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Resilient Life Coach and Health & Wellness Coordinator, JuicePlus+

Entrepreneur, SimplyDyuanna™ and MineYourSoul™

Co-Founder & Co-Host, TOTALPackage™ Women's Network

Resilient is the word I use to describe myself - its one of my best attributes. Looking over my life and all that I've experienced, I have realized that I possess a resilient nature. I have always been optimistic, but sometimes I would find myself in a distressed state of mind or situations that appeared to be insurmountable. But, the seed to always rise was planted in me by my mother. She taught me by example to never count myself out. One of my first reactions to pain was to retreat within. And, over time, with determination, my mother's guidance and God's grace, I realized this is where all healing begins. It begins in that rarely visited place in our souls where we can glimpse the precious gems that are quite hard to find, but are waiting to be discovered. And, before these stones are admired for their beauty and uniqueness, they must to go through a long and complicated process of mining, shaping, polishing and refining. The refinement process is where I've learned to shine - literally. That is where my passion lies.

My clients hire me as their Resilient Life Coach because of my sincere and personal approach and partnership. I provide my clients with the support needed to gain clarity in areas of their life to get through a difficult time, and to ultimately turn the page. I coach them through transitions when they are moving to the next stage in their life. And I assist my clients with identify any limiting beliefs or destructive behaviors that impede their progress. Whatever it is, I am vested in my clients' success and committed to helping them realize their greatest capacity. My hope for my clients is for them to thrive and not merely survive. I will be the impetus for change - at their pace and on their terms.