Eduardo Lopez Fernandez-Pacheco

Digital Business, Product Innovation, and Sales Marketing & Operations in Madrid, España

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“If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome". Michael Jordan

Nowadays the potential opportunities to change the outcome, the scope and impact of these changes are greater than ever (but also the challenges) thanks to how new technologies and digitalization are democratizing the arena, becoming an encouraging scenario.

From my perspective encouraging as the challenges and opportunities are driving open ecosystems, collaborative and global mindset, bringing onboard to business more creative disciplines such as design thinking in order to face these challenges and leverage from opportunities. But overall to all these trends I would highlight the focus on consumers and employees and how the empowerment of both is disrupting the global picture.

The goal is to continue developing my mindset with focus on scalability,sustainabilityand global business to drive long-standing opportunities in environments that require quick service provisioning and experimentation.